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Made up of preassembled window units that allow for quick field installation. Unitized is the perfect choice when choosing a system for any high-volume building façade. Not only does it increase speed of the installation, it also provides high quality product where fabrication tolerances are tightly controlled in a factory. Unitized curtain wall assembly is also well suited for projects requiring high performance systems.

Available in variety of design options including standard and customizable configurations of finishes, extended decorative fins, stone or metal infills, sunshade systems, integrated window washing anchors, to meet any structural, acoustical, thermal, and air/water barrier requirements.

Unitized CW & WW
Stick Build CW & SF


Typically used on podium level or where lower volumes are required. Stick build systems are the Economical option with shorten lead time of materials. We offer a wide selection of framing systems such as pressure plate, structural glazed, toggle, TI-beam and all glass just to name a few. Available in standard and custom finishes along with doors to complete any entrance, from your standard storefront door to balance, bi folding, all glass, and custom doors.


Multi-functional units provide the same benefits of a fixed window unit but have the added benefit of giving the user the freedom to take advantage of the exterior temperature, replacing stagnant air with fresh air to increase comfort and furthermore reduce the cost of heating and cooling of an isolated unit/area. These Multi-functional units drastically change the way a space feels and the way it’s used; Bi-folding doors are a great example. Bi-folding doors are used to open a space and create a pathway, typically from an interior space such as a bar or lounge to an exterior space. We offer other specialty windows and doors such as Tilt and turn, lift and slide, parallel windows in an array of configurations, materials, standard and custom finishes.

Multi-Function Operable Windows and Doors
Sunshades and Canopy by Azurelite


The list of materials and finishes available for sunshades and canopies are vast. Glass, aluminum cladding, aluminum extrusion, ACM, polycarbonate, perforate panels, and the list of materials goes on. We can produce and install any custom shapes and size engineered for each unique project/application.


Functional yet elegant, there’s no denying that glass railing adds beauty to any building/project. Railing is put in place to meet safety standards however, that does not mean it has to look utilitarian.

We have you covered whether you are trying to make a statement and going for a system to complete/tie into your design or going for a clean frameless look. Available in variety of colors, finishes, framing systems, mounting options and fabricated to meet or exceed any required building codes and clients design.

glass railing
Structural Glazing


Truly something to marvel at, Structural glazing systems best use form and function to provide a clean seamless look/envelope to allow for natural lighting, showcase a product or a space, less thermal bridging while using a minimal amount of hardware to provide a weather tight façade. Typically used in large open spaces that are shared and make the best use of a system that will make a space visually unobstructed and grand.



Lightweight, strong/ridged, and the fact that it does not rust makes aluminum panel cladding the ideal choice for a building façade that will last.

Available in a variety of finishes, shapes and materials including ACM, aluminum plate, and perforated. We offer the option of wet, dry, captured panel systems, any custom design & attachment.

Aluminum Panel Cladding
Interior & Specialy Glass


On top of the extensive glass and glazing systems that Azurelite has to offer, we also specialize in the fabrication and/or installation of specialty glass and glazing systems. Such as glass partitions, mirrors, textured glass, fritted glass with any custom patterns, shower enclosures, fire pits, fire rated openings, bullet resistant glass, and any projects that require curved glass, etc.