Azurelite glass and glazing contractor



Our years of experience is what makes us so effective. From concept to completion, we know what it takes to stay ahead of schedule, and It all starts with having the right team. Our elite team, with over 50 years of combined glazing experience, has helped to construct many design build projects throughout California, Mexico, Guam, Korea, and many other regions. Our project managers are well rounded and have an in depth understanding of the project assigned to them, along with knowing what to expect and how to work around the unexpected circumstances that come with the glazing trade. Azurelite has the capability and resources to manage multiple mid to Highrise projects at once. With an extensive background of experience in we understand the unique issues relating to both new construction and renovation, and can achieve your goals and objectives, within tightly defined schedules and budgets. We understand that on-time performance is critical to producing a timely, weather-tight enclosure.

Design and build: Our purpose is to deliver a design that meets requirements and exceeds expectations. Our expertise allows us to provide a design that best balances/meets the needs of the client, whether its budget, performance or time. This is achieved/ made possible by the fact that Building facades are fully customizable, that allow for many variables that can be changed to a client’s liking. These include but are not limited to the following:
• STC Ratings
• Location/purpose
• Fire rating
• Thermal value
• Access
• Budget

Engineering: Azurelite takes the responsibility of providing drawings that are approved/stamped by a California licensed engineer to ensure that our scope of work will withstand the loads that will be applied to it in its daily use. These include wind loads, thermal expansion, seismic loading, and deadloads of sunshades, canopies etc.

CAD: Here at Azurelite we have a team of elite drafters that work at a fast pace. Our drafters work in conjunction with an assigned team for each project to provide clear and comprehensive set of shop drawings. This ensures that the following scheduled sequence of ordering fabrication and installation of materials flow effortlessly.

Fabrication: we fabricate everything in our new facility that is large enough to handle multiple projects at one time. Our facility is equipped with multiple chop saws, racks, forklifts, assembly lines, overhead glass crane, and a milling machine for any precision custom work. We have a very capable shop manager that runs his team smoothly and efficiently. This allows for a constant output of material that keeps our field team busy and on track for the desired completion date. Once material has been cut and prepped per spec and field verified dimensions, we QAQC our material. we then package and deliver our material out to the field to be installed.

Installation: Is one of Azurelite’s last and favorite phases of a project, because that’s when our clients truly begin to see the concept become tangible. This is when all the designing, engineering, coordinating, fabrication/planning and hard work truly pays off. Our company/employees take extreme care and pride in installing all our glazing installations with attention to detail and per the manufacture’s installation handbook. Here at Azurelite, we take every necessary step and precaution to ensure our workers are safe. By the completion of a project, our goal is to deliver a result that we can be proud of and the beginning of a long-valued partnership with a satisfied client.